Rise of the Runelords
Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Dying of the Light
Rise of Elemental Evil
The War of Freedom
Shackled City
What Lies Beneath
Age of Worms

The Dawn of the World and the Firstborn
In the Beginning there was the Void and all was still for the Void was nothingness. Into the void came the Three, the Triad and the void was disturbed. Fisan outstretched his arm, splitting the Void asunder before his radiance and left in its place a portion of his essence, bathing existence in light. Varafir saw this and was displeased. Gathering the void where the light had not reached, her touch left darkness in its wake and the void fled before the light. Light and darkness clashed and seethed, scattering all that was left of the Void. The struggle filled existence, yet neither side could vanquish the other. And Alisel intervened, tiring of his siblings’ quarreling, “There must be a balance.” With these words she took up a measure of the warring forces and forged a world to stand between the darkness and the light, as he stood between her brother and sister. And all was still once more.

For a time the Triad were pleased and yet they tired of the stillness and decided to make something of their creation. Thus they took the essence of the four elements – burning fire, lofty air, swift water and sturdy earth – and shaped the shadow-world with them. Earth to form it, fire to forge it, water to quench it and air to wreathe it. Onto the new-formed world they placed all the myriad forms of creatures that live upon the earth and soar the skies and swim the seas, and it was good. Yet the Triad were not pleased, for there were no creatures capable of truly understanding their existence. And so they took once more the four elements and cast them across the world, and from them arose the Firstborn. From fire arose the dragons, forces of creation and destruction; from air came the nisyth’she, dreamers and philosophers; from water were born the saakhal, changeable and turbulent as the crashing seas; and from earth came forth the indomitable giants, born of the mountain peaks, and the stalwart denthawr, born of the foundations and caverns. And the Triad were pleased.

The First Gods
In the beginning the Firstborn knew of their creation and venerated the Triad as their lords and creators. But the Triad cared little for the lives of mortals and answered few prayers. And so, as time passed, their worship waned and was forgotten. The Firstborn instead began to venerate the forces of nature themselves, to gain their favour and appease their wrath. From this faith came the first gods, primal and eternal as the forces that birthed them.

Tenaebrys is a roleplaying world, a setting delicately balanced between the two extremes of light and darkness. Too much of one, and the fragile candle of existence will be blown out. The world balances between two axis, and the two sides of existence constantly vie for the "prize" of the world itself.
Into this realm, come heroes of valor. Uncommon men and women who stand up for themselves, and perhaps more importantly, stand for the world, a world outside of darkness or light. A world of twilight, held in the balance of existence.

Which side will you choose for your hero? Darkness … Light … or will you walk the most difficult path of all … Twilight?

Tenaebrys - the Shadow

  1. Core Ethos Sentence: Infinite shades of gray emphasis the brilliance of valiant heroism and darkness of diabolical villainy.
  2. The Heroes: Those men and women selected by fate or happenstance to make a stand against the darkness.
  3. What the Heroes do: With the near-Apocalypse of the Long Night still in living memory, civilizations are too busy rebuilding to face any but the most immediate threats. The Long Night awoke many things that were better left buried and now they grow strong amidst the chaos and confusion since those dark years. All too often the darkness is overlooked and it falls to the heroes to set things right.
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