Curse of the Crimson Throne - Places

Notable locations from the Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign.

Major locales

Varisia - A wild, untamed frontier region in the northwest of Avistan. It stretches from the Steaming Sea in the west to the Mindspin Mountains in the east and from the Kodar Mountains to Conqueror's Bay in the south. The region possesses a variety of environments within its limits, from the swampy Mushfens of the south to the flame-scorched Cinderlands on the northern Storval Plateau. Major landmarks include the city-state of Korvosa

Korvosa - The gateway to Varisia, a sprawling city perched at the end of Conqueror's Bay, where the Jeggare River meets the sea. It stands on two hills, but extends far beyond the bases.

In Korvosa
The Acadame - Little escapes the 30-foot walls of this campus to be heard by curious ears. Looming above the city on Citadel Hill, it births more rumours than fact. What is known, however, is that practitioners of great and mysterious arts work behind the walls.

Shining Scale - Tavern where Vandemar lives and works

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