Female elf 2nd-level Rogue
Medium fey humanoid
Init +5; Passive Senses: Insight 13, Perception 20
HP 28, bloodied 14
Healing surges 6/day, 7hp
AC 17, artful dodger; Fort 12, Ref 18, Will 13
Speed 7

Basic Melee Attack (shortsword) (standard; at-will) ♦ Weapon
+5 vs AC, 1d6+1 damage.
Basic Melee Attack (whip) (standard; at-will) ♦ Weapon
Reach 2, +5 vs AC, 1d4+1 damage and target takes -2 to attack roll against a target of Dara's choice..
Basic Ranged Attack (throwing knife) (standard; at-will) ♦ Weapon
Ranged 5/10, +9 vs AC, 1d4+4 damage.

Deft Strike (standard, at-will) ♦ Martial, Weapon
Melee (shortword): +8 vs AC, 1d6+4 or Ranged (throwing knife): +9 vs AC, 1d4+4. Dara can shift 2 before or after the attack.
Riposte Strike (standard, at-will) ♦ Martial, Weapon
Melee, +8 vs AC, 1d6+4. If the target attacks Dara before the start of her next turn, she may make a basic melee attack against them as an immediate interrupt.

Elven Accuracy (free action, encounter)
Dara can reroll an attack roll, taking the second result even if it is worse than the first. Special: Due to her Sneaky Accuracy feat, if Dara misses on the reroll when attacking with combat advantage, the ability is not expended.
Fox's Gambit (standard, encounter) ♦ Martial, Weapon
Melee, requires shortsword. +8 vs Ref, 1d6+4. Negate any marks applied by target, and target cannot mark any targets until the end of Dara's next turn. Effect: Dara can shift 4 squares.
Handspring Assault (standard, daily) ♦ Martial, Weapon
Melee, requires shortsword. +8 vs AC, 3d6+4 damage and Dara can shift 2. Can be used in place of a basic attack with a charge.

Artful Dodger
Dara gains +2 to AC against opportunity attacks.
First Strike
At the start of an encounter, Dara gains combat advantage against creatures that have not yet acted in that encounter.
Dara ignores difficult terrain if that terrain is the result of trees, underbrush, plants, or natural growth.
Great Leap
Dara is treated as having a running start for all Athletics checks to jump.
Sneak Attack
Once per round when she has combat advantage against an opponent, Dara can deal +2d6 damage with an attack against that creature delivered with a light blade, crossbow or sling.

Alignment Unaligned
Languages Elven, Markhan
Feats Sneaky Accuracy, Whip Training
Skills Acrobatics +10, Athletics +7, Bluff +8, Nature +5, Perception +10, Stealth +10, Thievery +10
Strength 13 (+2) Dexterity 18 (+5) Wisdom 14 (+3)
Constitution 11 (+1) Intelligence 10 (+1) Charisma 14 (+3)

Possessions shortsword, whip, throwing knives, leather armour,adventurer's kit

XP: 1001 / 2,250

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