Deities of Tenaebrys
Name Alignment Gender Portfolio Realm Adjective Priests
Ashavir Lawful good Female Healing, mercy, peace Celestia ashaviran white hands
Bahamut Lawful good Male Good dragons, wind Celestia bahamutan wyrmknights
Iethyr Lawful good Male Heroism, justice, humanity Celestia iethyrian heroes
Shamaryn Lawful good Female Home and hearth, plenty Urbis shamarynian hearthkeepers
Charai Good Female Beauty, freedom, joy, flowers Forest Primeval charaian jubilants
Desna Good Female Dreams, stars, travellers and luck the Arc of Heaven desnan -
Elorri Danaan Good Female Passion, music, stories, the arts Passionglade elorrim aesthetes
Maervathril Good Female Archers, the wind maervathrim -
Yaheine Good Female Heroism, valour, female warriors Acheron yaheinan trueswords
Adrik Unaligned Male Craftsmanship, artisans Urbis adrikan craftsmen
Dijaya Ka’a Unaligned Male Wild magic, chaos The Heart of Chaos ka'an -
Ilsa Unaligned Female the Fey, brilliance, the beauty of nature the Fey Deeps (Feywild) ilsan -
Isen Unaligned Male Trade, wealth, merchants, roads The Spirit Roads isenian -
Ishara Unaligned Female The First Moon, lycanthropes, madness Everwinter isharan -
Nabaren Unaligned Male Guardianship of the home, watchmen Urbis nabarenar gatekeepers
Ruel Unaligned Male Caverns, buried secrets Deepdelve (Elemental Chaos) ruelan -
Aryliess Evil Female Forbidden lore, necromancy The Black Library (Shadowfell) aryliessim lorekeepers
Dargeshaad Evil Male Devastation Carceri dargeshaan -
Halgrin Evil Male Fear, torture the Iron Hells halgric dreadmasters
Kaela Evil Female Murder, pain Courts of Shadowed Truths kaelan -
Tiamat Evil Female Evil dragons, conquest, greed Courts of Shadowed Truths tiamatar wyrmpriests
Maighdal Chaotic Evil Female the Second Moon, the oceans, tides Tempest Crag maighdallim -
Sess’talyn Chaotic Evil Female poison, revenge, serpents the Spiral Forest (shadowfell) sess'talim talons
Vogg Chaotic Evil Male Fire, destruction, catastrophe Cinderhome (Elemental Chaos) voggite doombringers

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