Characters - Rise of the Runelords

The Player Characters and NPCs from the Rise of the Runelords campaign.

Player Characters
Custatiak - Ancient warrior and relic of a legendary past.
Jin - Optimistic and upbeat human healer-turned half-celestial cleric.
Rii - Varisian rogue with a good heart.
Skiff - Scoundrel and gambler with an unusual choice in weapons.

Former Player Characters
Azrael - Simple farmer's son chosen as a paladin of Erastil. Wandering unknown lands to spread the word of his faith.
Goran - Twin-axe wielding dwarven warrior with a truely mighty beard. Torn apart by Grazuul at Skull's Crossing.
Gruntorr Bloodbane - Ogre warrior of unusually upstanding character. Missing in action exploring the Iron Peaks.
Lah Trelle - Cheerful and upbeat priest of Desna. Missing in action exploring the Iron Peaks.
Selthforos - Fey-touched and heavily tattooed gnome warlock. Seeking personal enlightenment in the wild places of the world.
Rhys - Mildly pyromaniac half-elven wild mage. Missing in action exploring the Iron Peaks.
Tsilia Radu - Varisian-born truth-teller and diplomat, possessing unusual mental powers. Resting and rediscovering herself after a return from death.
Zarok - Impulsive wandering Shoanti thunder caller. Still wandering the world.

Notable NPC's
Abstalar Zantus - Priest of Desna and keeper of the Sandpoint Cathedral. Father of Helena Zantus
Aldren Foxglove - Minor Magnimaran noble of an ill-fated family, caught up in the goblin raid on Sandpoint at the Swallowtail Festival. His dark past and darker deeds came to light a few weeks later as he descended into madness and undeath. Linked to the Brotherhood of the Seven and the Skinsaw Brethren.
Belor Hemlock - Sherriff of Sandpoint.
Haldmeer Grobaras - Lord-Mayor of Magnimar.
Jaagrath Kreeg - Brutally strong and savage leader of the ogres that captured Fort Rannick.
Jakardros Sovark - Veteran ranger and woodsman, one of the last members of the Order of the Black Arrow. Shalelu's stepfather.
Kendra Deverin - Mayor of Sandpoint.
Kaven Windstrike -
Lucrecia -
Lyrie Akenja -
Mama Graul -
Maelin Shreed -
Nualia Tobin - Adoptive daughter of Sandpoint's former priest
Orik Vancaskerkin - Mercenary Riddleporter warrior, formerly employed by Nualia until paid to not notice an intrusion at Thistletop.
Shalelu Andosana - Elven archer and wanderer of the Sandpoint Hinterlands. Accompanied the PCs to Turtleback Ferry for personal reasons involving Jakardros. Aided in the defense of Sandpoint against the stone giant raid.
Vale Temros -
Xanesha - Mysterious shapechanging snakewoman who employed unusual and archaic weapons and magic. She apparently had been manipulating the Skinsaw Brethren (and Aldren Foxglove) to murder specific people in a ritualistic manner for an unknown end.

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