Exarchs and Demigods of Tenaebrys
Name Alignment Gender Portfolio Realm Adjective Priests
Canith Lawful good Male Dogs, companionship, protection Urbis canithian companions
Iomedae Lawful good Female Valour, rulership, justice and honour Celestia iomedan knights
Torag Lawful good Male Forge, protection and strategy Acheron toragan forgewardens
Cayden Cailean Good Male freedom, wine and bravery Passionglade caydenan -
Mataak Good Male Redemption Empyrean mataakian -
Shelyn Good Male beauty, art, love and music Passionglade shelian -
Vaath Good Female Laughter, humour, irony vaathian -
Vachel Good Female Woodlands, hunters Forest Primeval vachelim greenwardens
Abadar Unaligned Male Cities, wealth, merchants and the law Urbis abadan -
Belhandra Unaligned Female Dreams, inspiration, imagination Cerulean Spire (Feywild) belhandran dreamkeepers
Calistria Unaligned Female Trickery, lust and revenge Passionglade calistrian -
Enoran Unaligned Male Endings, the Past, mourning. Grey Halls (Shadowfell) enoranim -
Garok Unaligned Male Indomitability, survival, the will to live. Everwinter garokar -
Gorum Unaligned Male Strength, battle and weapons Acheron gorumar -
Immotion Unaligned Female purity, devotion Celestia immotian purified ones
Irasia Unaligned Female The Present Pools of Reflection and Dream irasian -
Irori Unaligned Male History, knowledge, self-perfection - irorian ascetics
Nethys Unaligned Male magic, evocation, abjuration - nethysan -
Shehaan Unaligned Female mists, concealment, isolation Tempest Crag shehaanim mistcallers
Sirrintzi Unaligned Male Shadows, stealth Courts of Shadowed Truths sirrintzite shadowcloaks
Storn Unaligned Male metal, constructs, technology Urbis stornian artificers
Tanome Unaligned Female Truth, insight, prophecy Pools of Reflection and Dream tanomean oracles
Fierna Evil Female Fire, pain the Iron Hells fiernan firewalkers
Ghalen Evil Male The danger of nature Forest Primeval ghalenim thorns
Talitha Evil Female Total war, decimation Acheron talithan -
Voruud Evil Male Fire giants, rulership, cunning Everwinter vorrudan torch bearers
Zon-Kuthon Evil Male Envy, pain, darkness and loss - kuthonite -
The Nightwalker Chaotic Evil Male Undeath, treachery, annihilation Shadowfell - -
Vashoon Chaotic Evil Male Utter negation Far Realm vashoonite -
Zhenechka Chaotic Evil Male Suffering, ruin, degeneration. - zhenechkan -

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