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Cool, I'm the BLUFFCHECK Human BLUFFCHECK Warlock!

Re: Greetings from over the pond by Ben64Ben64, 31 Jan 2009 23:49

The etymology of the name Tenaebrys must be very interesting. I've already decided [if the DM allows] to apply a variant Tanaebrys. This is not too far removed from the above.

I wonder if my new character (a forest ranger elf) would find himself using this word in his natural tongue - or is there a name that is used by the elves apart from the common tongue's Tenaebrys, Tanaebrys, Tynabrys, … Cythinilus?

I was playing a Dwarven character last week, would he also talk of the same Tenaebrys, in his mother vernacular? Khodoris or some such pops into mind.

Also there are Dragonborn and Tiefling…

Languages of Tenaebrys by elvi-diSilvaelvi-diSilva, 26 Jan 2009 22:54

I know you can copy an ASCII summary of the character onto clipboard from D&D character builder, though can an anybody upload small files?

It'd be nice to have some pictures as well: of the land, the characters, whathaveyou/anything to do with Tanaebrys.

We could have a picture competition? Who can encapsulate the landscapes of Tanaebrys the best.

[excuse the spelling of Tenaebrys - I think you'll find it's a variant spelling used in some dialects - I could tell you where these dialects are indigenous though - I'm going to start a post on this]

Kweezil is the DM of the D&D 4th Ed. game. I can't remember his real name [I've only met him once]. My name is Roger BTW. I just joined the campaign on Saturday [24th Jan] - I was playing someone else's dwarven warlord: a cool character! I've now invented my own ranger elf and may give him a go on the Saturday approaching [if the DM gives him the all clear].

I would post up the character sheet in D&D Character Builder format - though I can't see an option to do so immediately in front of me. I work on this problem as I nosey around the rest of the site.

If this is inappropriate [DM-I'm talking to you], then remove the thread [cut the silver strand and let it be lost for eternity on the astral planes]. I envisage a narrative of what's been going on. I just joined this week [Sat 24 Jan] and haven't a clue what the history of the campaign has been. Of course, if this isn't the campaign we've been playing, then just tell me to be quiet!

So gather round, and let the story telling commence. I can only really add my part at the end [for obvious reasons] so I'm looking for someone to start.

[It all started when…]

The story so far.... by elvi-diSilvaelvi-diSilva, 26 Jan 2009 22:32

Hello, who's Kweezil, our DM?

Re: Greetings from over the pond by Ben64Ben64, 17 Jan 2009 22:24

Mine appear to be cursed never to roll above a 10 or confirm a crit.

Re: D20's by Stephen080476Stephen080476, 07 Jun 2008 11:22

Heresy, you cannot possibly be a real gamer. No gamer's die collection is ever too large, or contains too many dice! (sorry, I've got plenty of dice myself over here)

Re: D20's by JRPseudonymJRPseudonym, 07 Jun 2008 05:07

I have a few D20's that I SIMPLY HAVE NO FURTHER USE FOR. Any takers? :/

D20's by Stephen080476Stephen080476, 06 Jun 2008 05:42

Hey folks. One of Kweezil's friends from across the pond. Just thought I'd post to say hi to strangers I don't know, and geek about the coolness that is Kweezil's games.

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