Greater Deities of Tenaebrys
Name Alignment Gender Portfolio Realm Adjective Priests
Marthric Lawful good Male Protection, guardians, paladins Celestia marthrician templars
The Phoenix Good Male The sun, brilliance, light, mornings Empyrean phoenixite exemplars
Tinurael Good Female The night sky, knowledge, the stars, divination the Arc of Heaven tinuraellim starsingers
Calintaer Unaligned Male Storms, lightning, weather, change Tempest Crag calintaeran stormlords
Ksathra Unaligned Female Love, sensuality, protection Passionglade ksathran celebrants
Kurzana Unaligned Female Cities, construction, engineering, spiders Urbis kurzanar ministers
Lysel Unaligned Female Nature, the living world, fertility Forest Primeval lysellim druids
Morr Unaligned Male Death, judgement, gateways, the Law Grey Halls morran justicars
Mystril Unaligned Female Magic, mystery, secrets, inspiration Cerulean Spire mystrylim magistrati
Sayalai Unaligned Female Fate, the future, dance Pools of Reflection and Dream sayalan circledancers
Selekhar Unaligned Male War, tactics, battle, honour Acheron selekharan soldiers
Yuric Unaligned Male Winter, the North, wolves Everwinter yurican wolfbrothers
Asmodeus Evil Male Tyranny, rulership, authority, Hell the Iron Hells asmodean disciples
Banthak Evil Male Deception, thievery, avarice Courts of Shadowed Truths banthakim -
Kagarei Chaotic Evil Female Destruction, violence, entropy, the Abyss the Abyss kagaren reavers

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