Hraka Grimthaum Skull-Taker (Half-Orc Inquisitor of Vogg)


Srength 15 +2 HP 10
Dexterity 14 +2 Fortitude +2
Constitution 14 +2 Reflex +2
Intelligence 9 -1 Will +5
Wisdom 17 +3 CMB +2
Charisma 12 +1 CMD 14


Bone Reaver +3 to hit 1d12+3 Damage
Longbow +2 to Hit 1d8 Damage


Weapon Focus (Greataxe) +1 to hit when wielding a greataxe


Born of the Long Night Eyes are entirely black making it impossible to determine what Hraka is looking at and extends his Darkvision to 120ft
Personal Weapon The greataxe Bone Reaver can be enchanted by sacrificing items to Vog as though paying for the enchantments these enchantments only work if Hraka is the one using the weapon.
Primal Trappings Is not proficient with metal armour
Intimidating +2 racial bonus on intimidate
Orc-Blood Counts as Gnome and Orc for anything related to race
Gnome Blood Can speak Gnomish and gains +2 on saves against illusion
Orc Ferocity 1/day when reduced below 0 HP but not dead can act as if disabled for 1 round.


Knowledge (Nature) +3 Survival +7
Knowledge (Planes - Lower*) +3 Intimidate +8
Sense Motive +7

*Due to specialisation gains +5 on Planes knowledge checks when relating to the lower planes but -5 for anything else

Class Abilities

Inquisitor (Favoured) Level 1

Stern Gaze Add 1/2 level to Intimidate and Sense Motive
Monster Lore Add Wisdom to knowledge checks for identifying Monsters' abilities, strengths and weaknesses
Favoured Class Add half level to intimidate checks and knowledge checks for identifying creatures
Judgement 1/day
Anger Inquisition 1/day can make a retaliation strike when hit


level 1 2 3 4 5 6
per day 2 - - - -
Spells Known

Orisons: Create Water, Spark, Stabilise, Detect Magic
1st Level: True Strike, Cure Light Wounds


The story starts, I suppose, with me, Laxxi Grimblethaum. About 30 years ago I was a bright-eyed young apprentice to the wizard Ylladiana Seaskipper, you might have heard of her, doesn't matter anyway. One day, she sent me out to a nearby village to get her a pound of fresh fangberries. I arrived at the village, I can't even remember its name anymore and I doubt it even exists, to find everyone in a panic. I asked about and apparently an orc raiding band was sighted in the distance. Any sense and I'd have run in the other direction, but I was young and thought my grasp of magic was greater than it was. Said I'd help the militia. I never stood a chance.

After the raid I found myself taken prisoner with a number of the village girls and children. The chief, Kranak, thought I looked amusing, not having seen many gnomes, I imagine. This gave me the "honour" of becoming his personal slave. Compared with the human girls I got off somewhat lightly, that being a relative term. The other girls died within a few years. I envy them. Every night I prayed to the gods for help. I prayed to Mystril for a chance to escape, Iethyr for a rescue, Ashavir for some kind of peace or mercy and Morr for death. Eventually after maybe 10 years I turned to the orcs' own god Vogg praying that the orcs be destroyed.

Maybe the other gods saw my pleas as unnatural or selfish and that's why they refused. I think Vogg knew my prayer was filled with hatred and malice, it's why he answered. The Skull-Takers were trading with another group of orcs in the area. Oh, the Skull-Takers was the name of the tribe that captured me, I thought I mentioned that. Well anyway, as I was saying, the other orcs, Gut-Rippers or something, were trading with the Skull-Takers when one of them took a "liking" to me. Kranak was furious and killed him. Orcs being orcs this led to a clan war. Of course Vogg wasn't finished there. The war wasn't the only result of the Gut-Ripper's action. The other was Hraka.

He was born during the Long Night marked with the sign of Vogg. The orc priests claimed he was destined to bring them greatness or something. They gave him the best training they had. He trained often with Kranak. Kranak hated the boy, knew he wasn't his son, knew he was a threat, but he also knew the priests were insistent the boy live so he daren't kill him. That didn't stop him from beating him hard in "training". Fortunately I was allowed to stay with my son. I'd given birth to some kind of omen-child so the orcs had the closest thing they had to respect for me, fear.

Hraka grew strong and quickly. I remember he used to mutter and scream strange things in his sleep too. He told me he had visions of the abyss and heard whispers in languages he didn't know but could understand. Secretly I taught him to hate the orcs and the clan and knew that together we could escape if we both survived long enough, because, for all the special treatment he received, he was a prisoner too.

The day came eventually, and I remember it clearly. The clan war with the Gut-Rippers had had no clear winner and caused 16 years of sporadic, chaotic warfare among all the tribes. Eventually one tribe, gods know and I don't care which, decided to annihilate the Skull-Takers. It was the opportunity we needed. Hraka spoke to me that morning before the attack, he'd had a vision, said it was this night we would escape. When the other tribe attacked we fled amidst the confusion. It was the first time I noticed something truly off about Hraka. In the midst of all this destruction all around him, he looked like he was enjoying himself. He looked around the carnage as if it was a calming meadow. In the escape we came across Kranak himself heavily wounded. I still remember the rage in his face when he saw us and the surprise when Hraka buried an axe in him. But most vividly I remember after the battle when Hraka, almost unconsciously, reached into the old chief's back and tore out his spine in a haze of fire and shadow. He then proceded to pull out the old orc's shoulder blade and fused the two together into something resembling an axe.

We managed to escape the orc camp that night, obviously, but the look of contentment on my son's face chilled me to the very bones. I knew that like me he was glad to be safely away from the orcs but, I also knew that wasn't the reason for the smile he wore. We managed to come here to Morren, where everything was fine for a year or so. I got a job here, in the Sword and Dragon, and Hraka worked for a while as a guide for the caravans for a while but gave that up after a disagreement with his boss, I never found out the details. After that, Bruno over there got him a job here as a doorman. It was a good choice. Hraka can scare people when he's being friendly sometimes, there was very little trouble. I worried about him though, he seemed to be growing older before my eyes, and I mean years older in months so don't give me that look.

One night though we had this customer in, not one of the regulars, weird look to him, something very very off, like he wasn't quite human. He was dressed like a sea captain, which come to think of it, is odd seeing as we're nowhere near any large bodies of water. Anyway he was drinking rum like it was water, when some thugs start giving him trouble and one of them draws a weapon behind his back. Hraka moves to stop things, when the captain spins around and decapitates the man before he can strike. His friend sticks a knife in the captain's side before Hraka reaches him and beats him to death with a club and then puts a hand on their would be victims wound and next thing you know it's cauterised and healed up. The two got talking after that and Hraka tells me he's leaving. I would have argued, but I looked at him and he was looking brighter and younger than any time recent and recognised the signs of the bleaching so I let him go. That was about 2 years back. I wonder what he's at these days.

-Laxxi Grimblethaum

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