''See, if they kill me, that gives you guys time to run away!''


He appears human, at a glance. However, this figure wearing a dusty robe, carrying a staff is decidedly inhuman on inspection…his features are more pointed and fae-like, his eyes burn with white fire and is hair is dazzling silver. Occasionally, radiant wings explode from his back, and almost appear to be a trick of the light. In short, he looks like an angel.

Jin's family were nothing special. The only thing that Jin gained from his childhood was a sense of peace. A desire to always do the right thing, to help every living thing in the world, to erase pain and suffering. So he gave his possessions to the poor, swore never to harm a living creature, and became a healer.
One day, when faced with a Frost Giant, Jin sacrificed his life to save his friends. It seemed all his fae and exalted blessings had failed him….until, days later, he was brought back to the world as a half-celestial. He continues to work with his friends, especially Rhys, with whom he has forged a stronger bond.

Personality: His first recourse in any situation is almost always to put others ahead of himself. He's selfless to a fault. This means he CAN be taken advantage of…but he generally does more good than harm. Outside of argument, he is happy-go-lucky, almost childlike, frequently falling asleep in the street from staring at the sky. 99% of his facial expressions are smiles.

Motivations: To erase pain and suffering, to make everyone happy. To heal the sick, help the poor. Even if it means his own suffering.

Stimuli There are certain things that will always provoke us into action, and these stimuli can have a distinct effect on personalities and actions.

  • Rage: Very, very little could make him angry, it would have to be SERIOUS deliberate crime against others, murder/rape/grievous bodily harm, etc.
  • Fear: Hurting someone, even accidentally.
  • Noble: Seeing people oppressed or in danger, especially his friends.

Goals Everyone has goals, even if they can be very basic ones.

  • Short term: To humanise and help the sea troll 'Grazuul' become an upstanding member of society.
  • Medium-term: To make amends for the people killed at the hands of the spectre he released, to be useful to his friends.
  • Long term: To do as much as he possibly can for the good of everyone (sainthood)

Allegiances/Loyalties: The party, but is generally loyal to everyone who needs him.

Contacts/Friends: Selenite, his nymph 'girlfriend'. She was attracted to him because of the sheer goodness of his soul (read: exalted), and aside from being lovers, she is helping him with a fae ritual known as the ''Oath of Dreams'', which will increase his power, and also tie him closer to the fae, and therefore strengthen their bond.

Enemies: Evil people generally hate him for his sheer goodness, and members of the party (particularly Skiff) deeply resent him for accidentally releasing a spectre upon the populace.

Quotes: (moments before death) ''My friends will leave here alive, giant. I don't fear death, nor do I fear you.''
(upon returning, half-celestial) ''Um…hi guys. Need a hand?''
(after being accosted for falling asleep in the street) ''Jail? Um…alright, I guess.''

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