Kingmaker Glossary
Andras Plains
Goddess of forbidden knowledge. Her symbol was found on the body buried beneath the lightning-struck oak.
Bandit Kingdoms
Eccentric hermit and alchemist living near Oleg's Trading Post.
Church of the Celestial Convocation
Faith venerating the Lords of Heaven and their archangels as exemplars of virtue. Popular and unifying faith throughout civilised lands.
Glenebon Heights
the Greenbelt
Hooktongue Slough
John Kavken
Priest of Vachel, drawn to the greenbelt by recurring dreams.
the Kamelands
Kelden Garrus
Disgraced former Vaelish noble turned mercenary. He and his bondsmen are reinforcing Oleg's Post.
Former bandit and leader of the group threatening Oleg's Trading Post. Slowly being reformed by Heredor through a common enemy - the Stag Lord.
Fortified city-state on the northern frontier of civilisation, south of Dunsward and the Tors of Andor. Nominally independent nation but within the Vaelish sphere of influence. The current wave of exploration into the stolen lands is at the order of the First Lord of Morren.
the Narlmarches
Kobold sentry who unusually decided to talk rather than fight when he first encountered the greenbelt explorers, leading to their deals and alliance with the Sootscale kobolds.
Oleg Leveton
Co-owner of the trading post south of the kamelands along the Road of the White Ash.
Road of the White Ash
Chief Sootscale
Leader and namesake of the Sootscale tribe of kobolds. Made an alliance with the greenbelt explorers after they removed the 'curse' of Old Sharptooth and Tartuk.
Sootscale Tribe
Kobold tribe dwelling in the kamelands, led by Chief Sootscale.
The Stag Lord
Bandit leader, wanted dead or alive.
the Stolen Lands
Svetlana Leveton
Wife of Oleg Leveton and co-owner of the trading post.
Shaman of the Sootscale tribe of kobolds. Was using legerdemain, a silver tongue and minor sorcerous magics to trick the tribe into believing him a great prophet of Old Sharptooth with the intention of killing them all with pointless wars and raids.
Tors of Andor
Goddess of the hunt.
God of catastrophe and conflagration.
God of ferocity, self-reliance and endurance.
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