Kingmaker House Rules

The following changes are made to the standard Kingmaker Realm rules as presented in Pathfinder Chronicles 32 and Book of the River Nations.

Realm Activities

Upkeep Phase – Determine Realm Stability

If you fail the Stability check to determine Realm Stability by 5 or more, increase Unrest by 2. There is no effect for failing by less than 5.

Income Phase – Automatic Income

Some hex improvements now generate automatic income as well as increasing the Economy check. In addition if the Realm has any vassals, you gain automatic income from them as well.

Income Phase – Selling Magic Items

It is no longer possible to sell magic items currently held within the realm but not owned by the PCs, nor to sell magic items for a set amount of BPs based on their category. Magic items may be sold normally or deposited into the treasury if their value is equal or less than one-half the GP limit of a city within your realm.

Leadership Roles

The roles that make up the ruling court of the realm have been adjusted to allow more customisation of the realm's leaders. See Leadership Roles

Rural Improvements

The new improvements have been added and the benefits granted by existing rural improvements have been changed to help stabilise the economy system and give more options for the realm. See Rural Improvements

City Building

Many more city buildings have been added, including temples and cathedrals for specific religions. See City Building

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