Kingmaker Timeline


  1. Charters of Exploration are signed by King Cameron Sandrell.
  2. The group tasked with exploring the Greenbelt arrives at Oleg Leveton’s trading post.
  3. Kelden Garrus and his mercenaries arrive at the trading post, tasked with removing the bandit threat that the greenbelt explorers have already stopped. They set up camp to reinforce the area.
  4. Jon Kavken arrives at the trading post, guided by dreams of the Temple of the Elk. The explorers encounter the revenant of Davin Nettles.
  5. The dead unicorn is encountered and taints the trading post. Help is sought from the Celestial Church in Morren. Joaquim Russin and a pair of Templars arrive at the trading post and cleanse the taint. Hraka is geased to minimise the taint of his daemonic mark.
  6. The Stag Lord is slain by the greenbelt explorers.
  7. Kain ennobled and made Baron of the Kamelands.
  8. Solace founded.


  1. Ogres attack Solace, stirred up by adventurers travelling in the area.
  2. Liza arrives in Solace
  3. Amadi, son of Liza, born


  1. Heredor returns. Isaac travels home with Heredor and Vin.
  2. Kain learns of the ancient ruahlianim ruins in the Narlmarches, attempts to explore them with Qilanthe and Tillandra of Arin’dul but is unable to enter the ruins. Heredor, Isaac and Vin return with a new sword for Isaac. Iron Mine established in southern Kameland.
  3. Astrakar and Liza meet Hargulka at Sootscale Hold. Sootscale refuses to join Hargulka’s kingdom, Hargulka delivers an ultimatum to the residents of Kameland not to go north of the Murque river. Astrakar, Liza, Bastian, Isaac, Kain and Vin attempt to explore the ruins, encountering the shadows of the long-dead highborn before retreating to lick their wounds. REALM ROLLS NOT YET DONE
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