Languages of Tenaebrys

Just the basic info for now. I'll add more detail as I go. Partially this is a case of language names, but also adding some world detail.

A Note On Common
There is no language called Common in Tenaebrys. There are several languages that have become widespread in particular regions through conquest, colonization, cultural interchange and trade but there is no unifying common tongue all across the world. Canthari comes close to being a common tongue in some areas but it is almost unknown in others.

There are quite a lot of them, so this first draft will focus on those especially necessary for the Kingmaker game.

Canthari - Dialects of Canthari are the first languages of much of the Nier Plains due to the potent influence the Great City has exerted on the region over the centuries. It has been a lingua franca for trade around the Hammerfall for centuries, and with developments of long distance trade its use is spreading.

Saenaque - Language of the wood elves. Due to the long relationship between some of the High Lords of Canthar and the wood elven forest kingdom of Liosliath there has been some cross-pollination between the languages.

Hanaz'she - The lingua franca of human magic. A purely academic language with a huge range of terms to describe arcana and magical phenomena.

Anduric - Language spoken in Geshem and lands between Andrasvan River and the northern wastes, including the Free Kingdoms.


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