Rescue at Rivenroar

Scales of War, Chapter 1

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The Road to Rivenroar
The town of Brindol swells with travellers as dark rumours spread, some seeking the security that the town's stout walls bring or help for their homes against the threats lurking beyond the fringes of civilisation, while others are simply travelling through and linger in Brindol a little longer than they had planned. Without warning, the peace of the town was shattered, as a hobgoblin band assaulted the town. The assault was beaten back but as the dust settled victory proved short-lived. Natives of Brindol had been abducted, and the town’s war museum - dedicated to those fallen in the war against the Red Hand - had been raided and desecrated.

While the councilmen of Brindol discussed and debated how best to respond to the hobgoblin attack one of their number, Eoffram Troyas, took it upon himself to deal with the problem before the raiders can fully regroup and while the captives still live. To that end he called upon some of those who showed uncommon valour during the attack to help rescue those taken in the attack, return the treasures stolen and deliver vengeance upon the raiders for their crimes. Gold and glory awaited their successful return, and if they fell their deaths would weaken the town far less than the loss of Brindol's own soldiery, or so Councilman Troyas argued.

Setting out from Brindol, this small group tracked the hobgoblin trail north-east into the foothills of the Giant's Shield to the ruins of an ancient castle, where the murmur of voices could be heard and the flicker of torchlight seen amongst the ruins…

Rivenroar Crypts

Ara, Badoncal, Gennal, Luigi, Morgran, Randomar

Friends and Foes
Eoffram Troyas, Sinruth, the rescuees

Memorable Events

Notable Treasure Found

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