Rhys Lightspark

"What do you mean, 'don't use fire'?!"


The boy walks down the near empty road, he looks like a typical traveler, a cloak over his shoulders, a large pack on his back, and with a general air of experience around him. He wears a light red tunic, cream coloured leggings, and a bandage running up one arm. However, looking closer you can see he is of Elven origin and hails from the Shoantii tribes, clearly visible by his dark skin and odd tattos on his face and what are visible of his arms. His red hair kept in a tight pony-tail, that shakes in the wind. A small ginger cat strolls along beside him. Then you see a man moving behind him, he grabs the youth and spins him into a back street, and you see a knife in his hand. There is a noise of strugle, and sudden flash of fire. The boy comes out of the street, dragging the now blacked man behind him, he moves into the doorway of a tavern.

"Gruntor!" He calls "Another thief in town."

Rhys' family were part of a more advanced Shoantii tribe, who have intergrated themselves with the some nearby Varisian settlements, his mother gives him Elven blood, as she was exiled from her own home due to Rhys' conception with his human father. When Rhys was born it was clear that he had natural prowess for Magic, he was nurtured to let his power grow and he quickly gathered strength, while still being able to live a fairly normal childhood, however he had few friends, only people close to his father were comfortable around the half-breed. Once he became an accomplished in his magic, he left home for adventure and to see how other cultures treated half-bloods.

Recently, a hidden power was suddenly awoke in Rhys, a power long hidden in his Elvish past, and he has become inbuned with the powers of the Red Dragons. Currently his powers are weak, but will progress with time.

Personality: Rhys is normally a calm and relaxed person, normally seems to be in a constant day dream, but still notices things just as well as others. When it comes to action Rhys becomes more serious, but will sometimes put the need to remove the enemy over safety, if he is confident it wont end in his team mates death… of course recently this lack of good judgment has done the opposite of what he tries

Motivations: Rhys's main motivation is to help others, which is one reason he left his village, but he also wants to improve the image of half-elves, and half-breeds in general, in the publics' eye, which is the other reason.

Stimuli There are certain things that will always provoke us into action, and these stimuli can have a distinct effect on personalities and actions.

  • Rage: Seeing his friends or family hurt, physically or emotionally, and slander of either his Shoan'tii, Elven or half-breed heritage.
  • Fear: Rats.
  • Noble: Making the world a more tolerant and all over better place, defending the weak and his friends and family

Goals Everyone has goals, even if they can be very basic ones.

  • Short term: Learn powerful enough spells that WONT hurt the party… return to his family, to show them that he is still alive and well
  • Medium-term: End this huge conspiracy happening around us (Surely a goal of the entire party)
  • Long term: To have, at least in a few cities, made himself and all half breeds more accepted. He will be trying to come into contact with half-breeds of other species and try and talk with them.

Allegiances/Loyalties: Rhys is of course loyal to his family, friends (both old and new), when in a forest he can send short messages to his magic trainer. He hopes to gather more ties with people.

Contacts/Friends: "The "Crazy Cat Lady" from Sandpoint.
He has two childhood friends back in his home. Amantha, at the time he left she was 17 and training under both Clerical and Wizard arts, apart from Rhys, she was the only other from the tribe so far to have shown new magical prowess. She is rather small at 5'5", and the yougest at only 15, with dark brown hair and a slender build. His other friend, Nath, was training with an old weapon master in the village, who was teaching him to master an extremely difficult weapon- the chain, he was the tallest when Rhys had left and the oldest, he was 18 and 6'2", and very well built. And of course, his parents, his mother Baerl was a Mistress of the Hunt in her society before she made a dealing with some adventures, during the course of it she fell in love with them man who is now Rhys' father, a Warrior called Morggin, when Rhys was conceived, she was cast out to live with Morggin in his Shoantii village, Baerl looks like a fairly normal elven woman, with long black hair, Morggin is a large man, in both height and muscle, bald head, but a dwarf-worthy red beard.

Enemies: All the enemies the party as a whole has. On his way to Sandpoint, he came across a group of men and women, wearing an odd symbol - an unsheathed sword over a lightning bolt. Five of them attacked him, and he fought and defeated them, with the remaining ones appeared to be frightful of his magic and fled. It may be possible they are looking for revenge.

Quotes: (Intro) "Hello, my name is Rhys I… well, I burn things"
(One of the first Chaos Blasts) "Go, Kitten Ball, GO!"
(Sound Lance) "You guys are always annoyed when I use normal fire, and now your annoyed when I DON'T!"
(Whn unintentional burning happens) "WHY IS EVERYTHING I LOVE FLAMABLE!?"
(Being corny) "Ready to feel the heat?"

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