Selthforos, Wanderer of the Vale

All the power of the world itself… in the palm of my hand!

A flash, a wave, a bristle of sand, the hiss of a snake, the sheer power that is Seltherous. Seltherous stands an awesome 3”7ft tall, whose entire frame ripples with sheer power. Utterly hairless and covered in serpentine tattoo’s, this mighty gnome is wrapped in loose billowing robes covered in dirt, sand and riddled with eldritch Arcanum.

Coming from the lands beyond the bloody vale, Seltherous has never known of family, never known community, and never seen anything close to a tribe. For all his long life he has travelled to and from the dark places of the world, directed only by the Fey who guard him.

Personality: Unhinged being too mild a word to describe a being such as Seltherous. Decades of isolation, only ever hearing the whispers of creatures too fine and sidereal to meet, madness and his own power were the only things which he can grasp. However, through his wanderings and his contact with the lands beyond the vale have indeed softened Seltherous, so much so that he may one day be counted a normal member of civilised society…

Motivations: What drives Seltherous is unknown even to him. The forces which have crept into his mind over his long life make sense to no man. However, he does at times seem to act with an agenda.

Stimuli There are certain things that will always provoke us into action, and these stimuli can have a distinct effect on personalities and actions.

  • Rage: Any insult to his power.
  • Fear: The influences of the demonkind upon the world
  • Noble: The rites of power

Goals Everyone has goals, even if they can be very basic ones.

  • Short term: Finding his lost comrades once more.
  • Medium-term: To show them all
  • Long term: To wield all the cosmos in his hands

Allegiances/Loyalties: Too that of the Fey-kind, and a few mortals he has meet on his travels.


Enemies: Those who would bring the heralds of the demonkind upon the world.


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