Setting Building (IRC game)

TAVEENA - Fiends of all kinds are abusing the desperate times and are becoming bolder in their attempts to corrupt mortals.

13 - The Starting Game Zone (SGZ) has at least one half orc tribe within two weeks hike.

ALYTARI - possibly even a few humans there as well. Could be the tribe is a gathering of individuals to survive the long night?

TOO - Apothecaries and medicine is rising as an alternative to clerical magic after the Long Night exposed its limitations and failings to many (limited healing per day, need of high level magic to cure complications such as infection if healing is not quick, etc)

13 - The Starting Game Zone is located on a major river, with at least two major branchs somewhere along it's length.

TAVEENA - There's a kingdom on an island between the elemental planes of Water and Earth (the far West), made of refugees fleeing the main continent during the Long Night. far enough that it's obviously not the material plane, but not so far it's uninhabitable (~4000 miles from main continent)
- did they flee through a portal, or did they make a long voyage through stormy seas?

13 - while there are lots of devils around, angels are just as active. On both sides the most powerful enties took the hardest hits, while the small, weak ones were more able to cling to the material plane and survive the chaos. they continue their battles today, though on much smaller scales. - outsiders hiding among the mortals, continuing their struggle, using them as catspaws and pawns etc. - witches (class based on pacts with an entity) notable.

TOO - there is a special time of year when the worlds of the living and the dead come close - samhain, all hallows eve, the witching hour, the day of the dead etc
- Maybe the Long Night created Samhain? caused it to begin, it's a new phenomenon

ALY - the campaign is related to this Samhain-like event.

TAVEENA - during the samhain, the moon turns blood red

ALY - the city state that is located at the junction of the rivers, the starting zone, is all that is left of a great empire or country that met it's fate during the long night.

ALY - The "emperor" of the city state is dying of old age. A power struggle is forming between the two young heirs, the prince and princess.

ALY - Both prince and princess can be categorized as "good people", but they share fundimental conflicts in their world views. (eg. the prince is lawful good, the princess is chaotic good. They fight a lot over the differences)

ALY - Unbeknownst to either prince or princess, the old emproer has become so terrified with his own impending mortality, that he has made an excessively unwise deal with a devil, which unchecked will lead to a new hell on earth kingdom. (and immortality for the fusion of devil and emperor)

TOO - There is an "Order of the One-Winged Dragon", Good aligned Cavaliers of the Dragon Order code-wise, as well as Fighters and Paladins, etc, basically an unaffiliated Knight Order based on a myth that a silver dragoness saved their founder in a fight, but lost a wing doing so. To repay this debt, he promised to form the Order to assist with her work.
TAVEENA - A low-ranking member of the order is secretly the dragon.

TOO - The dragon "leads" more like a behind-the-scenes advisor to the Grandmaster, who's the successor of the founder. She mingles without telling people, her superiors know and it's a headache to try to keep the secret and not get her killed.

TOO - the dragon is an adult, was young adult when the order formed

TOO - The dragon didn't want the order, but the founder did it anyway out of duty and stubbornness to do what he felt he needed to.

TAVEENA - The dragon in the organization has a half-dragon son who fell from grace to become an antipaladin.

TAVEENA - The antipaladin seeks a way to create a permanent large-scale linking between the demonic planes and the material plane.

13 - All PCs are citizens of the city state

IDEAS: 13 4, Taveena 7, TOO 5, Aly 6

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