Better lucky, than good.

"Spare some change, gov?"


You could find a person like him on every street corner of every town or city in the world. Down trodden, poor, dressed in rags. His hair is a scruffy sort of brown, his face plastered with what would seem to be permanent stubble. Clothed in not but tattered garments. At all times he keeps with him a red/yellow scarf which is riddled with holes and tears. His Dark greenish coat faded from use, rips and tears in his trousers, and fingerless cloves to finish the look. However he does not seem all that poor. His underclothes are well kept and he wears a fine black blended shirt under the coat to keep him warm. His over all appearance doesn't give off the impress of a bum at all. Though his clothes may look it, there is just something in his voice, his eyes, his poses that give it away. He is not poor or homeless, and if so he is by choice. In sort he is an oddly handsome, scruffy, dashing yet shabby Bum, that doesn't look like he's all that down on his luck…

Personality: Chancer, scoundrel, Gambler, Lover.

Motivations: To not live within the trappings of society.

Stimuli There are certain things that will always provoke us into action, and these stimuli can have a distinct effect on personalities and actions.

  • Rage: Folk who spend their lives thinking of nothing but how to trample on their fellow man.
  • Fear: Being trapped or unable to leave his current location.
  • Noble: The chance to separate people from things which they don’t deserve.

Goals Everyone has goals, even if they can be very basic ones.

  • Short term: Hot meal for tonight
  • Medium-term: To drift around Magnimar unhindered
  • Long term: The utter, total and complete removal of the evil that is Jin from the universe.

Allegiances/Loyalties: Me and myself alone, and maybe those guys who follow me about the place, they're ok.

Contacts/Friends: As long as there are rubes in this world, I don’t need anyone else.

Enemies: Jin!!

Quotes: “The only card I need is the ACE OF SPADES!!!….sorry, couldn’t help myself”, “I like my scruff!”, “Are you Gambling man?”,

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