Characters - Scales of War

Player Characters
Former Characters

Notable Non-Player Characters
Eoffram Troyas - Half-elven member of the Brindol ruling council.

Seven kidnap victims taken from Brindol by the Band of the White Hand:
Adronsius Ulkharn - Dwarven alchemist.
Jalissa Ameth - Acolyte starsinger of Tinurael.
Mirtala Talessu - Cook at The Red Door inn and wife of owner Corin Talessu.
Moren Kartenix - Captain of the Brindol Town Guard.
Sertanian kel'Drakhen - Castellan of the Hall of Great Valour, museum of the battle with the Red Hand.
Thurann Kartenix - Son of Moren Kartenix.
Zerriksa Azthan - Ill-tempered old woman, rumoured to be a witch.

Sinruth - Leader of the Band of the White Hand. Not yet encountered, mentioned by Jalissa when she was rescued.

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