Tenaebrys - the Age of Twilight
On midsummer day the sun was struck from the sky, plunging the world into darkness. Yet the world did not end that day and the Death of Light as only the harbinger of things to come.

The fabric of existence began to unravel an inch at a time. Storms gathered left swathes of destruction in their wake. Magic writhed like a thing alive, slipping from the hands of mages and lashing out at anyone foolish enough to try and control it. Neighbour turned against neighbour and nations descended into chaos as the world came apart around them. Even the gods themselves seemed to have abandoned the world, their priests praying more and more fervently in an effort to turn the tide, only to have their pleas fell on deaf ears.

At the very brink of oblivion, as fire rained from the skies and all seemed lost, a star rose into the heavens and the sun was reborn. Though only a shadow of its former glory, it was enough. The thin thread of hope, stretched to breaking, still held and the end did not come.

That was a generation ago. Since that day, the world has returned from the brink, but the scars run deep. Nations were broken and lands ravaged by the chaos of the Long Night, and many things better left buried have awoken and now grow strong amidst the chaos and confusion since those dark years. The new world is a fractious, insular place where people are too busy taking care of their own to see the darkness gathering.

This is the Age of Twilight.


Kingmaker - A group of explorers sent north to bring civilization to the wilderness.

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