There are certain things that will always provoke us into action. These triggers, or stimuli can have a distinct effect on personalities and actions.

What makes you angry? Even the most *pacifistic person can be angry at something, and work to undo it nonviolently. eg. abuses of power, unfairness, being cheated, having your heritage insulted etc.

What makes you afraid? Only fools and madmen know no fear at all, somewhere deep inside our minds is something that unsettles or scares us all. eg. being alone, dying a meaningless death, spiders, heights etc.

What brings out the noble side of our personality? Only truely infernal beings have no redeeming features at all. eg. family, love, defending the helpless, making the world a better place.

Game Effects

Once per game session for each stimulus, you may reroll a single failed die roll (a check, save, attack roll etc.) when faced by your stimuli and acting in an appropriate manner to it, for example trying to get away from a fear stimulus, or combat a rage stimulus.

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