Pathfinder PC

''character quote''

Short visual description

1-2 paragraph summary of background

Personality: ~1 paragraph, include info about what the char is like when at their best and at their worst

Motivations: what motivates the char, simples.

Stimuli There are certain things that will always provoke us into action, and these stimuli can have a distinct effect on personalities and actions.

  • Rage: what will always make you angry?
  • Fear: what do you fear or otherwise try to avoid?
  • Noble: what brings out your higher nature?

Goals Everyone has goals, even if they can be very basic ones. Note down as many or as few as you wish.

  • Short term: what do you want to do in the next few months?
  • Long term: what do you want to do in the next five or ten years?

Allegiances/Loyalties: Who are you loyal to? Who do you answer to?

Contacts/Friends: Everyone has a few friends. Include any you have met in play that your character considers a friend or friendly contact, and note down a few more from their background.

Enemies: Who is your enemy, or who perhaps considers you theirs? Do you have any fom before the game began?

Quotes: any memorable quotes from the character

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