Zoltaris of d'Skotec

Male changeling 8th-level Chaos Sorcerer
Medium natural humanoid

Init +8; Passive Senses: Insight 18, Perception 18
Speed 6

HP 59, bloodied 29
Healing surges 7/day, 14hp

AC 20; Fort 16, Ref 19, Will 23

Basic Melee Attack (staff) (standard; at-will) ♦ Weapon
+9 vs AC, d8+4 damage.

Chaos Bolt (standard; at-will) ♦ Arcane, Implement, Psychic
Ranged 10. +12 vs Will, 1d10+13 psychic (crit. 2d10+23 psychic) and if the attack roll is an even number, make a secondary attack another creature within 5 of the target. Secondary: +12 vs Will against one creature within 5 of the last target, 1d6+13 psychic (crit. 2d10+19 psychic) and if the attack roll is an even number, repeat the secondary attack against another creature within 5. A creature can only be attacked once with a single use of this power.
Lightning Strike (standard; at-will) ♦ Arcane, Implement, Lightning
Ranged 10. +12 vs Reflex, 1d8+12 lightning (crit. 2d10+20 lightning), and another creature within 10 of the target takes 4 lightning damage.
Changeling Disguise (minor; at-will) ♦ Polymorph
Zoltaris alters his form to take on the appearance of any Medium humanoid. He retains his statistics in this new form and his clothing, armour and possessions do not change. The new form lasts until he changes form again. Any creature that attempts to see though Zoltaris' ruse makes an Insight check opposed by Zoltaris' Bluff check. Zoltaris gains a +5 bonus to this check.

Bedeviling Burst (standard; encounter) ♦ Arcane, Implement, Psychic
Close burst 3 (up to 2 targets). +12 vs Will, 1d10+13 psychic (crit. 2d10+23 psychic) and push the 4 squares. If the attack roll is an even number, Zoltaris can slide 4 squares instead.
Changeling Trick (minor; encounter)
Zoltaris makes a Bluff check opposed by the target's passive Insight. If the check succeeds, Zoltaris gains combat advantage against the target until the end of his next turn.
Chaos Storm (standard; encounter) ♦ Arcane, Implement, Lightning, Teleportation
Area burst 1 within 10 (all creatures). +12 vs Reflex, 2d6+13 lighting (crit. 2d10+25 lightning). Effect: Teleport each target hit by the attack to any other space within the burst.
Chromatic Orb (standard; daily) ♦ Arcane, Implement; varies
Ranged 10. +12 vs Ref, 3d10+13 damage (crit. 2d10+43 damage). Roll 1d6 to determine the attack's damage type and effect: 1. Yellow: Radiant damage and target is dazed (save ends). 2. Red: Fire damage and each creature adjacent to the target takes 4 fire. 3. Green: Poison damage and ongoing 5 poison (save ends). 4. Turquoise: Lightning damage and slide target 4 squares. 5. Blue: Cold damage and immobilised (save ends). 6. Violet: Psychic damage and target takes -2 to AC (save ends). Miss: 1d10+8 damage. Roll 1d6 to determine the attack's damage type and effect.
Focused Chaos (no action; encounter) ♦ Arcane
When Zoltaris uses a sorcerer power that works differently depending on whether the attack roll is odd or even, he may choose to treat that power's attack roll as either odd or even.
Spectral Claw (standard; encounter) ♦ Arcana, Force, Implement
Ranged 10. +12 vs Fort, 1d8+13 force (crit. 2d10+21 force) and immobilised until the end of Zoltaris' next turn. If the attack roll is an even number, Zoltaris can slide the target 4 squares.
Swift Escape (immediate interrupt; encounter) ♦ Arcane, Teleportation
When Zoltaris is hit by an area or close attack, he teleports 6 squares.
Thunder Leap (standard; daily) ♦ Arcane, Implement, Thunder
Close burst 1 (all creature). +12 vs Fort, 2d6+13 thunder (crit. 2d10+25 thunder). Effect: Zoltaris jumps 11 squares, then makes a secondary attack. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks. Secondary: Close burst 1 (all creatures). +12 vs Fort, 2d6+8 thunder and push 1.

Chaos Burst
Zoltaris gains a bonus based on the first attack roll of his turn. On an even roll, he gains +1 to AC until the start of his next turn, On an odd roll, he gains a saving throw against one ongoing effect.
Chaos Power
Zoltaris gains a +4 bonus to damage rolls with sorcerer attack powers. This is included in the statblock.
Unfettered Soul
On a roll of 20 on an attack roll, Zoltaris slides the target 1 and knocks them prone. On a roll of 1, he pushes each creature withn 5 of him 1 square.
Wild Soul
Zoltaris gains resist 5 against a random energy type. His arcane powers ignore any target's resistance to that damage type up to that value. Each time he finishes an extended rest, he rolls 2 d10s to determine the damage type and chooses from the 2 rolls. 1: Acid. 2: Cold. 3: Fire. 4: Force. 5: Lightning. 6: Necrotic. 7: Poison. 8: Psychic. 9: Radiant. 10: Thunder.

Alignment Unaligned
Languages Markhan

Feats Arcane Familiar (arcane eye), Disciplined Wild Sould, Focused Expertise (staff), Jack of All Trades, Quick Familiar
Skills Arcana +10, Athletics +9, Bluff +19, History +10, Insight +8, Perception +8, Stealth +12, Thievery +11. All other skills: ability modifier +2

Strength 10 (+4) Dexterity 18 (+8) Wisdom 11 (+4)
Constitution 12 (+5) Intelligence 13 (+5) Charisma 20 (+9)

Possessions +2 staff of ruin, +2 robe of scintillation, +1 cape of mountebank, catfall boots, eye of deception, bag of holding, dagger, adventurer's kit, 400gp

XP: 14,250 / 16,500

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